Dundee Cake of Chocolate Ice

FCI Junior World Winner 2018 - Jun. BOB, Deutscher Jugend Champion VDH, Niederlandischer Jugend Champion

Jugend Benelux Winner 2018 - Jun.BOB, Europa Jugend sieger 2018 VDH, Bundessieger 2018 VDH

Deutscher Champion, World Dog Show 2017 vv4, Best Junior Jahressieger 2018, Best Junior Dog of the Year 2018

Hanser Cup Jüngsten sieger 2017, Internationale Ausstellung Dortmund VDH, Bester Jüngsten klasse Hündin

HD A, ED 0/0, SW 0, MDR1 +/+

owner: Malou Wengenroth, Germany

20200118-72915934 258498673 med hr

Donauwelle of Chocolate Ice

IABCA National, International and Honors Adult and Puppy Champion

HD excellent, ED normal, MDR1+/+

owner: Linda Greco, Los Angeles

22552391 2102268903327670 8 med hr

Dragee of Chocolate Ice

Best of Breed in Japanese dog show

 HD B, ED 0, MDR1+/+, DM N/N

owner: Toyoshito Saga, Japan

20210303-30531107 809856419207146 8964796721959796736 n

Bounty of Chocolate Ice

Interchampion, Champion of Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Grand Champion of Serbia, Hungary, Romania

Junior Champion of Serbia, Hungary, FBBSI Junior Clubwinner - BOS, Junior Best In Show Winner

HD B, ED 0/0, MDR1+/+, DM N/N

owner: Katalin Farkas, Serbia

24232844 2125914310963129 7 med hr-2

Brownie of Chocolate Ice

European Dog Show - excellent (2018), Interchampion, Champion of Champions 2017-BOB, Clubwinner 2017

Junior Clubwinner 2016, Champion of Hungary, Grand Champion of Hungary, Junior Champion of Hungary

Best In Show Winner, Res. Best of Group, Best of Group I. Best of Group III.

HD A, ED 0, MDR1+/+, DM N/N

owner: Baranyai Kata, Hungary

Biscuit of Chocolate Ice

HD B, ED 1, MDR1+/+, DM N/N

CSAU excellent, Cotation 2

owner: Bissonnier Frédérique, France

12987030 1346846151999173 5 med hr-3

Aragostina of Chocolate Ice

Spanish Junior Champion

HD B, ED 0, MDR1+/+, DM N/N

owner: Elena Capdevila Nebot, Spain

15181194 1924727561081806 2 med hr-2
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