07.03.2016 Olimpia's genetic test is arrived:

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) N/N

DM szűrés

19-20.02.2016 Fehova International Dog Show - Budapest

Full-Moon of Ice Wine got 2xCAC, 2xCACIB and 2xBOS, she is the most beautiful female in breed!

Fehova 2016.02.19

10.01.2016 International Dog Show-PRESIDENT CUP-Budapest

Full-Moon of Ice Wine won CAC, CACIB, BOB and became the PRESIDENT CUP WINNER! She was the most beautiful among the 13 White Swiss Shepherd Dogs!

DSC 0589

25.10.2015 National Dog Show in Jászberény

Full-Moon of Ice Wine got CAC and Best of Breed!

DSC 0079

10-11.10.2015 We spent the weekend with our friends and acquaintances in Komárom, where the 2x International Dog Show was held. We have a great weekend with outstanding results.

On the first day, Mona got the titles of CAC, CACIB and BOB, and she was the most beautiful among the 16 White swiss shepherd dogs!

On the second day, she got CAC, CACIB, BOS and was chosen as the most beautiful of the females, and she was the second most beautiful dog among the White swiss shepherd dogs, and she has become the DERBY WINNER only age of 15 months!


27.09.2015 In Kecskemét CAC Dog Show, Full-Moon of Ice Wine got CAC and BOS Titles

DSC 0208

10.09.2015 Puppies are born, 4 male and 7 female. Some puppies available yet.


30.05.2015 International Dog Show, Ada, Serbia

Full-Moon of Ice Wine's results: JCAC, JBOB, BOB, Junior Best of Group I., Best of Group III.


DSC 0578

16.05.2015 Bayernsieger, Absdorf, Germany

Full-Moon of Ice Wine won Res.JCAC title of 5 junior females.

honlap németország

30.04-02.05.2015 International Dog Show, Zadar, Croatia

Full-Moon of Ice Wine got 3xJCAC, 3xJBOB, 3xJBOG and JBIS3 (judge: Rafael De Santiago). 

She is CROATIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION! She became Junior Champion of 3 country over 2 weeks.



dsc med hr

25.04.2015 International Dog Show, Romania, Satu Mare

Full-Moon of Ice Wine: 2xJCAC and she got JUNIOR CHAMPION OF ROMANIA!

mona-romanai med hr-3

18-19.04.2015 Marathon Dog Show, Miskolc

Full-Moon of Ice Wine "Mona" is 10 months old and she got 3xJCAC, 3xBOB and BOG III! She is HUNGARIA JUNIOR CHAMPION.


DSC 0980

14.02.2015. FEHOVA CACIB Budapest

Full-Moon of Ice Wine: Very Promising 1. and selected for the 6 puppies!

DSC 0109-

11.10.2014 Clubshow Komárom 

Full-Moon of Ice WineMona: Very promising 1. Best female from 4 minor puppies! is BABY CLUB WINNER'14.


20.09.2014 Available puppies for show, work and hobby

07.09.2014 Puppies are 2 weeks

23.08.2014 Litter-A was born. 5 male and 5 females

25.07.2014 Jenny is pregnant. We waiting puppies in August!


22.07.2014 Hungaria Show Champion certificate and cup have arrived


CAC In Gyula (Hungary) 28.06.2014

My beautiful Jenny did Excellent 1. CAC from this title she is Hungaria Show Champion!

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